AVFI: Fault Injection for Autonomous Vehicles


Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is rapidly becoming a reality on U.S. roads, offering the promise of improvements in traffic management, safety, and the comfort and efficiency of vehicular travel. With this increasing popularity and ubiquitous deployment, resilience has become a criticalrequirement for public acceptance and adoption. Recent studies into the resilience of AVs has shown that though the AV systems are improving over time, they have not reached human-levels of automation. Prior work in this area has studied the safety and resilience of individual components (e.g., testing of neural networks powering the perception function) of the AV system. However, methods for holistic end-to-end resilience assessment of theseAV systems is still non-existent. This paper presents AVFI (The Autonomous Vehicle Fault Injector), an important step towards constructing a methodology for end-to-end resilience assessment of AV systems using fault injection.

DSN 2018