Resource Grant - 2x Nvidia GPUs

To support research on ‘Safety and Reliability of Autonomous Vehicles’

Sandia Grant - 3 years (contract# DE-NA0003525)

To support research on ‘AI-driven Continuous Assessment of High-Performance Datacenters at Scale’

Teachers Ranked as Excellent, Spring 2018, ECE/CS 498 Data Science

Teachers Ranked at Excellent, These lists are compiled on semester basis and reflect student ratings of instruction. The ratings are based on Instructor and Course Evaluation (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and Evaluation, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning.

50k node-hours/year on Blue Waters in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

To support research on following projects
- Holistic Monitoring and Diagnosis of Large-Scale Application Performance Degradation
- Predicting Performance Degradation and Failures of Application Through System Monitoring 
- Efficient, Scalable, and Fault Tolerant Genomics Pipelines 

Best Student Award, Class of 2010-2014

Travel Grants

SOSP 2019, DSN 2019, VLDB 2015, ICS 2013, HPDC 2013